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When a person arrives for an in person talent audition they better have a good personality and be ready to show it. No one want to have to work at getting you to show me your personality. However, we don't need people to come in dressed up in cow costumes or acting like a crazy character unless they just want to end up on outtake footage on shows like American Idol. For instance, on Fear Factor they went and set up a bar event people would come in with live roaches and eat them in front of them. That put the casting company, bar, and applicant in jeopardy so just be yourself, it's really that simple. The directors and the producers are looking for people who might lack street smarts but have a strong business and educational background or people with street smarts lacking the business background. At the end of the day you have to assume a person like 50 Cent feels that if you're going to be players in the game you need both the business and street smart combo.

The best advice you will hear from everyone in talent casting is to be YOU and be YOURSELF, we can tell when you're putting on a show. Lastly, follow the application instructions. If you are asked to place your phone number on your video and you forget to, they don't have time to track you down and will move onto the next talent. So be prepared and properly label your headshot, resume and videos.

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